Trinyova Yana


Trinyova Yana

Lawyer, doctor of legal sciences, professor of the State Academy

penitentiary service, trainer of the Higher School of Advocacy, junior adviser

of Justice, Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

Specialist in the field of criminal law («white-collar» crime:

economic, including corruption crimes, etc.), international

criminal law, legal support of the latest biotechnologies (in particular

legal support for the use of reproductive technologies), public

activist (founder and Chairman of the public organization «Regional organization in

support of the human right to a dignified death» (since 2006); member of the Ethics Commission of NMU

named after O.O. Bogomolets (since 2013); member of the All-Ukrainian Criminal Association

law (since 2008), member of the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine (since 2020).

Author and co-author of a number of draft laws. The author of 200 scientific and

methodological publications, including 10 monographs.

Under her supervision, 2 PhD theses were successfully defended.

Legal experience — 20 years.

Education: graduated from the National University of Internal Affairs in 2004

(faculty of law and entrepreneurship) with honors. Specialization — lawyer in

local self-government bodies;

From 2004 to 2007 — postgraduate studies at the National University of Internal Affairs

of cases at the department of criminal law and criminology.

In 2010, she defended her thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science in Law. in

National Academy of the Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine (Kyiv) on the topic «Criminal

legal assessment of taking the life of another person out of compassion for him».

May 2021 — defended the thesis for obtaining a scientific degree

doctor of legal sciences, majoring in criminal law and criminology;

criminal executive law at the National Academy of Internal Affairs for

on the topic «Theoretical foundations of the implementation of the principles of bioethics in criminal law

of Ukraine».


In 2015, she received the academic title of associate professor of the criminal department

law, criminology and criminal executive law.

Experience. 2004-2005 — teacher of criminal law

Kharkiv University of Economics and Law.

From 2005 to 2006, he was a legal adviser to the Department of Legal Support

intellectual property of Yurpolis Company LLC.

2006 to December 2006 — chief specialist of the legal sector

provision of the department of the National Mediation and Conciliation Service

(NSPP) in the Kharkiv region. The 13th rank of civil servant was assigned.

2007 — 2009 – legal advisor of a commercial enterprise LLC

«KDC» (Kyiv).

2008-2009 — director of the Centurionis law firm (Kyiv).

2010 — to the present time — LAWYER «Doctor Trinyova»

(certificate No. 4132 issued by Kyiv City KDKA).

2009 — 2015 senior teacher, associate professor, professor of the department

of criminal law disciplines of the National Academy of the Prosecutor’s Office

of Ukraine.

2016 — 2018 — professor of the department of criminal law, process and

of criminology of the European University.

2018 — 2019 — leading researcher of the study department

problems of combating organized crime in the sphere of state security

of the Interdepartmental Scientific Research Center on the Problems of Combating

organized crime at the NSDC of Ukraine.

2020 — 2021 — professor of the department of state and legal and branch studies

of legal disciplines of Kyiv University of Law, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

2020 — to the present — professor of the Department of Criminal,

of criminal executive law and criminology of the State Academy

penitentiary service.

200 scientific and methodical publications, including monographs,

in particular

«Criminal-legal assessment of taking the life of another person out of pity for him»

(2008); «Bioethical problems of the criminal law of Ukraine» (2014); Bioethics

and Law: some interaction aspect (overview). Monograph. Lambert Academic

Publishing. Dusseldorf. 2017. 88p (2017); Social bioethics through

the prism of global bioethics. Monograph. International Mr. ecologist institute named after

HELL. Sakharova Bel. Mr. university; T.V. Myshatkina, S.B. Melnov, T.N. Tsirdya and

etc.; under the editorship Ph.D. philosophy of science, prof. T.V. Myshatkinoy, Dr. Biol. Sciences, Prof.

S.B. Melnova. Minsk: IVC of the Ministry of Finance, 2018. 518p. (Ch. 15.2 P. 398-405) (2018);

Bioethics of criminal law enforcement against crime:

monograph. Kharkiv. Pravo, 2019. 536 p. (2019); Death on request in Europe

(Bioethics and practice of the ECtHR regarding the termination of human life at the request):

coll. decisions of the ECtHR / acc. and trans. Ya. O. Trynyova; in general ed. V. M. Kuts. Kharkiv:

Pravo, 2019. 376 p.; textbook Medical law. Uzhhorod, 2021 (in

co-authorship); «Surrogate motherhood. Desk book of a lawyer, doctor,

surrogate mother and law enforcement officer», 2021.


The author of the draft law «On Ensuring the Human Right to Dignity».

end of life» and a number of draft laws on changes to the current one

legislation (CC of Ukraine, Central Committee of Ukraine, pension, labor legislation).

Co-author of draft laws: «On transplantation of organs and others

of human anatomical materials» (working group of the Ministry of Health); «About the basics

ensuring anti-corruption» (working group of the GPU); «Fundamentals of legislation

of Ukraine on health care» (working group from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine).

Area of interest: criminal law, human rights in context

practices of the ECtHR, economic law, civil, family, medical and

pharmaceutical law, international law, bioethics (latest biotechnologies, their

legal support, DRT), etc.


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